Go Saints!

In case you haven't heard, the Saints won the Super Bowl! It was a great game. For just a minute, I wish I was there in the middle of it all. It's too bad I moved away from Miami for a new job. Otherwise, I'd be in the field helping with the half time show. (I signed up to volunteer with the Super Bowl a few months ago, but had to cancel my service recently.) Maybe next time. Anyway, I was invited to my new co-worker's house to watch the game with a whole bunch of her friends and family. I had a good time. I ate plenty of food (no surprise) and met a lot of people. Meanwhile, I was a bit disappointed with the Ads this year. I thought they were boring or maybe I wasn't focusing on them as much as I should have. I also thought The Who's performance was kind of boring. Did you? One of the best parts, besides Garrett Hartley's plays on Sunday was the Jay Leno, Oprah, David Letterman promo. Very Classic! So, is anyone going to New Orleans next week to celebrate with the Saints?

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