Signing Off

The last two and a half years have been amazing!  I learned many new things working as a news director and anchor/producer.  It was my first time at a PBS and NPR station.  Although, I had previously volunteered for my own public station growing up in Chicago this I have to admit was nothing like I imagined.  KRWG let me create my own segments ("Nuestra Comunidad," "The Music Spotlight," and "iFitness,") which we were able to spin-off into half hour programs.  I also anchored and produced "Fronteras: A Changing America," and "Your Legislators."  They were all amazing shows to be a part of every week.  Being in Las Cruces, gave me the chance to be in a movie with an Oscar-nominated director and I was able to produce a mini-documentary (my first EMMY nod) and meet so many wonderful people both at the station and in the community.  I'll definitely miss this place!  California here I come....    


Good-Bye Las Cruces

It's time to say Adios! to the Land of Enchantment. I'll admit I'm gonna miss this place, but I'm going to a new city that's closer to an even bigger city. I'm excited and only looking forward to the future! California here I come.


She's back!!!

Hey, just saw this promo -- Ricki Lake is returning to television this fall with a new talk show.  It's good to see a familiar face back on the tube.  I hope she succeeds! 


Goal Setting

In two weeks I'll be in my new apartment, in my new city and at my new job. I'll also be getting fit at my new gym. Very exciting times!! I think it's a great opportunity to start planning the next two years in regards to my career, my health and my retirement. My old job is giving me a financial boost so the rest is truly up to me. Thank you God for giving me this moment. Time to start planning!


8 More Shows!

I can't believe the end is near. I have 8 shows left to tape for my station. It's been a great experience working in the Las Cruces, New Mexico/El Paso, Texas market. There are so many interesting and unique people here. I've enjoyed my stay. I started to meet so many people interested in fitness and I hope that continues in California because I always need some inspiration and motivation to guide me on my journey. Today, I'm taping a show with Cristina Parker of the Border Network for Human Rights. Next week, the finale. Stay Tuned.


Hello, Again!

Finally, downloaded an app for my blog. I haven't spent too much time on here, but I'm working on changing that for good. Sometimes life gets too busy or you just don't access to a computer or the Internet. Hopefully this app will fix things. We'll see! The good news is I haven't given up on any of my fitness goals. I set them up with my buddy and former trainer/workout partner, Christian back on August 16, 2011. I can't believe it's been almost a year! Thank goodness I'm half way there. Well, if you don't know yet I'm in the middle of yet another move. My career keeps me going. In three weeks I will be a resident of California. I'm excited about my new assignment and the adventures that lie ahead. Wish me luck!!!

iFitness - No. 27

ifitness - No. 26

If I do one more Zumba story...I swear! Just kidding! Sometime last year, I was introduced to Zumba Fitness (thanks Michael Garcia) and didn't realize the exercise was as popular as Herbal Life Nutrition Shops, which are popping up all over El Paso and Las Cruces. After my original story, I decided to do another Zumba-related story, but this time it was going to be about one of the most popular instructors in our area (again, thanks Michael Garcia.) Months later, I was looking on doing another fitness segment and came across a local class being taught in Las Cruces. It's name Aqua Zumba, which brings the aerobic moves into the swimming pool. Neat idea huh?


iFitness - No. 25

I can't remember the last time I played Volleyball, but the sport does help you stay in shape. There's a lot of jumping, running and falling, as you attempt to keep the other team from scoring. This week's iFitness we traveled to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) where many community members sign every week just to play a little one-on-one. Watch this!