Springfield: 'This Is It'

While I was back in Springfield, MO a couple of things happened:
1) I attended my friend, Kate's annual holiday party. Many of my former colleagues were there including a handful of faces from the competing TV stations.
2) I was offered a job on my way to the Queen City, but had to keep it under wraps for a couple of days.
3) I returned to Power 96.5's popular morning show with Fotsch and McClain. During the four hour show I made the big announcement (my new job). I had a lot of calls from listeners (I'm glad to see Springfield still remembers me haha!)
4) My former producer and good friend, Rachel was visiting family in St. Louis and decided to pay us a visit. Good times!
5) I had coffee with a former reporter who I had the pleasure of working with for a few months in Springfield.
6) I caught a cold (it was 40 degrees all week.)
7) I met a few new friends and had the chance to spend time with many of my old friends including Beth, Jill, Kevin, Lekota, Kelly, Shelly, Ross, Jeff, Kyaw and J.R.
8) I went to Whitney's wedding (see below.)
9) I finished my Christmas shopping...all online (the gifts were waiting for me when I got back to Miami)
10) I got to experience Greyhound for the first time in my life. The fares were reasonable, but the trip took too long. Did I mention, it was also the last time I will ever do Greyhound again?

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