Avoid 'Greyhound,' at all costs

Since I have plenty of time on my hands I decided to take a fun trip (from Miami to Springfield, Missouri) via Greyhound. The reason for my mini-vacation is to attend a friend's wedding (details on that later this weekend). I'm also taking the time to see some of the friends I made while working and living in 417 land.

The bus trip to the show-me-state was a rough one. I traveled a full day plus 12 extra hours. (Honestly, I can't even think about it but I will for the sake of my blog.) The people on the bus were interesting. I saw immigration officers at a bus terminal just outside Orlando. The officers arrested a few guys who didn't have papers (they were not on my bus). Then, when we arrived in Alabama to pick up/drop off a few travelers two young ladies (who were drinking) became part of the journey. The pair created problems among other passengers including fights with a young family and an older woman. They were loud and out of control. The best part came after the girls stepped on the older woman without saying 'excuse me.' She got up and chocked the girl, who then called the police. The bus was pulled over and the 20-year-old and 22-year-old were escorted out -- delaying the trip by a good 45 minutes.

Things after that got a little better as we entered St. Louis and towns just outside Springfield. The people changed and so did the bus drivers. It was good finally seeing places I knew. After hours and hours on Greyhound I was so glad to be off of them. A big thing I noticed (besides the rude employees and passangers) were the buses not looking the way they did online.

Something to keep in mind next time you plan on traveling Greyhound, DON'T. If you're looking to save money by using Greyhound buses let me tell you from experience the extra money on a plane ticket is so worth it. Trust me! (Pray for me as I make my way back to FL on Sunday).

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