Back it Up!

Last week, I had some spare time (which is rare) and decided it was time for an update. So, I went ahead and started to upgrade my iphone software. Since, I'm using a mac now it only made sense to give my PC a rest and I figured since both products are Apple, it would be a fast upgrade. It turned out to be quick, but also my worst nightmare.

After the upgrade, I noticed all my applications, contacts, photos, ringtones and all of my music was wiped out. Thank goodness for the restore button! I waited and waited....and when it was all done I had all my contacts and photos back, but no music. I called Apple, but in order for them to help me I would have to pay $30. So, instead of paying for someone to confirm to me "all my songs are gone" ...I decided to start fresh and begin re-building my music library.

The point of my story....always, always back up your music/pictures, etc. otherwise it will make your life miserable...atleast for a little while.

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