My Boss. He's Great.

My boss recently spoke in St. Louis to a huge crowd during a special ceremony in his honor. He shared some of his speech with me. Take a look. (From his words, I am inspired to work even harder.)

“I recently hired a news director with an eye to the future. We required that the successful candidate needs to have video shooting and editing knowledge. We did not receive a single applicant with NPR news experience who was qualified. The more mature employees do not have the skill set to meet the changing demands of the Internet. Stories may sound good on the radio, but they need to look good on our website. KRWG lives by the acronym of COPE. C-O-P-E. This means Create Once, Play Everywhere. We use Carlos Correa’s pieces on FM, the Web, TV and some will even be used as halftime features in our telecasts of New Mexico State University AggieVision athletic events. What makes Carlos great isn’t his established skill set, it is his love of innovation. You do not go to Las Cruces, New Mexico for the great pay. He has been given a fairly blank slate to reinvent what we do with news at KRWG. He is young, talented and an incredible hard worker. I know I won’t have him for long, but I’m thrilled to give him the chance. KRWG will become the central news and information source for southern New Mexico. Carlos was a key hire because he wasn’t just radio. You can’t afford to be just anything either. You need to be looking at everything with an insatiable appetite. Yes, learn skills and prefect some. Learn to write! Learn to tell a story....”

Glen Cerny
Executive Director of Broadcasting

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