Five Years and Counting...

Happy Anniversary to my Blog! We've been through a lot. Let's see I started it five years ago in my apartment in Ottumwa, Iowa where I worked as a TV reporter/anchor. I never really blogged about serious topics or used it as an avenue to express my political opinions. Instead, I used my blog to communicate with my family.

You see, leaving Chicago and my loved ones for the first time was a difficult thing, but knowing I was doing it to follow my dreams of becoming a broadcaster made it an easy transition. I used this blog to keep my family informed and involved with my everyday life. I also wanted to give them a chance to see what happens behind the scenes of an actual newscast.

After being introduced to blogging by Amanda Krenz, a fellow TV colleague, my blog was born!

I admit, Myspace, Facebook & YouTube distracted me for a while, but no worries I'm still going at it. Happy New Year!

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